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How Bed Bug Reports Can Cripple a Baltimore Hotel’s Business

Since the late 1990’s, the bed bug population have made a resurgence in the United States and other large nations of the world. The rapid spread of these insects is due to their ability to travel with people while avoiding detection in many cases.

A main factor in the spread of bed bugs is a lack of awareness by the public, although this has increased with high profile infestations in places like New York. Because these bugs can hide on a person or in their luggage so well, they go unnoticed a majority of the time.

Many of the first cases that were discovered were in hotel rooms and thought to be a result of travelers unknowingly bringing these pests into the rooms.


Fun and Weird Places to Go in Baltimore

There’s no shortage of interesting places to go in Baltimore, from strange independent bookstores to Ripley’s Believe It or Not. You’ll be able to spend days exploring Baltimore without experiencing a single dull moment. Here are some of the many unusual sights you won’t likely find anywhere else.

Atomic Books

Atomic Books bookstore inside

This independent bookstore is full of things outside of just books, including art toys, old and new comics, CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, art exhibits, and zines. They also have many types of showcases for artists, writers, and others who want to self-publish their work. There’s also a bar called Eightbar in the back of the place to enjoy reading and drinking.


Top 10 Jobs in High Demand in Maryland

Maryland has a bustling economy with many professionals from all walks of life, especially in the Baltimore area. There is plenty of demand for a variety of professionals in a wide range of industries, and here are the top 10 expected to remain popular up through 2018.

maryland nursing jobs

1. Registered Nurses

Baltimore and the Maryland suburbs are constantly looking for registered nurses, particularly those with bachelor’s degrees. If you’re thinking of becoming a nurse at a hospital in Maryland, there are plenty of places to earn your nursing degree and find work in the state. You could also train to receive a certified nursing assistant certificate in Baltimore, too.


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