Top 10 Jobs in High Demand in Maryland

Maryland has a bustling economy with many professionals from all walks of life, especially in the Baltimore area. There is plenty of demand for a variety of professionals in a wide range of industries, and here are the top 10 expected to remain popular up through 2018.

maryland nursing jobs

1. Registered Nurses

Baltimore and the Maryland suburbs are constantly looking for registered nurses, particularly those with bachelor’s degrees. If you’re thinking of becoming a nurse at a hospital in Maryland, there are plenty of places to earn your nursing degree and find work in the state. You could also train to receive a certified nursing assistant certificate in Baltimore, too.

2. Waiters and Waitresses

Another expanding job position in Maryland is waitstaff. Waiters and waitresses are needed at a growing number of restaurants that are located in Baltimore and the suburban areas.

3. Personal Care and Service Workers

The elderly and disabled are in constant need of personal care, which is why personal care and service workers are in high demand as well.  responsible for housekeeping, transportation, cooking and regulating medication, to name a few of the many tasks.

4. Nursing Home & Psychiatric Aides

Much like personal care and service workers, nursing home and psychiatric aides are needed to help take care of elderly and disabled patients located in nursing homes or psychiatric facilities.

5. Financial Clerks

With all of the banks and other financial institutions in Maryland, these places need financial clerks to help handle money. There are plenty of opportunities for financial clerks and, needless to say, there will continue to be a demand for them.

6. Computer Systems Analyst

Many companies are constantly looking to advance their technology, which is why computer systems analysts are currently in high demand to help make sure that this technology is working the way it’s supposed to.


7. Computer Software Engineer

Again, the growth in technology is calling for tech savvy individuals who know how to develop innovative software that can continue this growth. There is a high demand for software engineers and the need for them will only increase as computer technology advances.

8. Carpenters

Lots of carpenters are needed, for sure.

9. Office and Administrative Support

Whether simply a receptionist or a more involved assistant, office and administrative support employees are just as relevant now as they’ve ever been in the workplace.

10. Customer Service Representatives

Customer service is still extremely important for businesses, with new technologies in call centers and online chat systems changing the face of customer service.

These are simply some of the many positions that businesses need filled in Maryland. Chances are, if you’ve got a particular set of skills, there is no shortage of businesses who need you.

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